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First Humans at Plymouth Arts Centre


The First Humans

15 Jan 2016 - 02 Apr 2016

The First Humans is contemporary art with a prehistoric feel, often incorporating synthetic colours and materials and a sci-fi look.

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Contemporary art at Plymouth Arts Centre

Steven Paige: Let's Go Bowling

05 Apr 2016 - 14 Apr 2016

Steven Paige, a Plymouth-based artist, employs re-enactment and performance to examine relationships between film, instruction, leisure and individuality.

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Contemporary art at Plymouth Arts Centre

Ben Rivers: Shorts

11 Feb 2016

This programme of Ben Rivers’ early short films present a series of portraits of unconventional lives.

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Tim Etchells: For Now, Carl Slater: Crowd.Control, Ellard & Johnstone: Everything Made Bronze, Elizabeth Masterton & Lizzie Ridout: Tanks and Tablecloths, Matthew Houlding: Lagoon West, and more...


Charlie Woolley: Lone Soul Road, Rosalind Fowler: Folk in Her Machine, Juliet Middleton-Batts: Lost Senses, Zierle & Carter: Between Lands and Longings, John Robson: Turning Right Instead of Left, and more...


Bob and Roberta Smith, All Divided Selves, A film by Luke Fowler, Luke Fowler in Conversation with the Curator, Luke Fowler and Richard Youngs: Performance, Luke Fowler: The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott, and more...


Stephen Eastaugh: Knot, Cider!, Opening Weekend, Efford: The Capital of Culture for Plymouth, Artangel at Sea, and more...


Efford Take A Part, Future Relevance, International residency, Bridgette Ashton, Peter Stiles, and more...